Residual Current Circuit Breaker

'SHALABH' as one of the successful Manufacturers & Suppliers of Residual Current Circuit Breaker. Residual Current Circuit Breaker is a device, used to ensure people to be protected from any risk of electrocution. It can also ensure protection against risk of fire. Earth leakage is an electrical hazard which is responsible for electric shock and fire risk. Earth leakage and its associated hazard can be prevented by the use of Residual Current Circuit Breaker (ELCB).



  • IS : 13947/1993

Category of Utilization

  • AC - 22B & AC - 23 A


  • 32A to 400A/415 V (TPN)

Rewirable Switch Fuse Units

'SHALABH' provides an effective and safe way to control on power for repeated switch operations in the field of domestic industrial and agricultural applications through it range of Rewirable Switch Fuse Units (rewirable type porcelain fuse units). These switches are suitable for surface mounting and have come with its quick make and break mechanism which helps to minimize the arching. Interlocking system is also provided to avoid accidental opening cover while switch is in 'ON' position.